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3 New Conversations (This week's Podcast)

David Sherry
1 min read

Hey – I've just recorded three new conversations. I'm currently interviewing friends and creators who are building a brand around who they are. We get into more of how they think and form community.

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Dan Shipper – Writer at The Everything Bundle

Dan Shipper is the writer of Superorganizers on Substack as part of the Everything Bundle.

Kaleigh Moore – Freelancer Copywriter and The Creative Class instructor

Kaleigh Moore is a freelance copywriter, course instructor, podcaster, and blogger for top companies in the Fortune 500 and startups. She's also the student, turned instructor of the Creative Class, which is a Freelancer course co-created with Paul Jarvis.

Her site:
Creative Class:

Ben Tossell – Shipping side-projects quickly

Ben Tossell is the founder of – a no-code community for learning to build and ship projects without writing any code. Ben turned his side project into a full time, funded business and community at the heart of this industry. Side-note, I also work closely with Ben and his team.