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2018 Superpowers

David Sherry
2 min read

The greatest skill of 2018 is Discernment.

Fake news, Fake Science, Real News, Real Science…

What the hell is going on out there?

Every day we turn on streams of other people’s thoughts.

These streams of minds are coming out of your radio, your Twitter feed, your Facebook timeline and it’s filled with positivity or negativity and everything in between and it’s yours to choose from and curate.

That’s right, it’s up to you. And you can quite literally make your own lists of what information to stream.

But in this information waterfall, unless you can parse through it correctly unless you can navigate it, you’ll be swept away.

If you wade through mindlessly, you’ll pursue ideas, causes, journeys that are a mirage.

You act in ways which you think are by your own choosing, but the truth is more sinister. Like how Russian Troll-bots and changed your chemistry. Like in Yuval Hurari’s new book  , in which the future is about micro-targeting, advertising and messaging that alter your behavior.

There’s an art to gathering information, processing it, and still making your own decisions.

Because whoever truly make decisions is in power.

And you always have the ability to make your own decisions.

It’s just that you abdicate it.

Sometimes you don’t know that you abdicate it, because the process is a slow simmer to a boil. Your wheel doesn’t just get jerked into a new territory.

It happens slowly…

So what can we do?

Recent ≠ Important.

The most important question to ask yourself is… “Why am I seeing this news story now?”

Remember, the news not only tells us what to think about but when to think about it.

This is Water.

The bigger fish to fry are the ones that have been around us for so long we are forgetting they’re here.

Affiliations are a trap.

Groupthink is real, and an example of abdicating your decisions to the masses. And everyone thinks they’re in the “small minority who understands,” just like everyone thinks that only they know about Supreme, Halsey etc…

Humanity is global.

We used to be able to ignore that, but every day the world shrinks. Every day the information economy weaves humanity into a tighter circle.

There’s a Block in Queens, NY that is said to have people speaking at least 115 different languages.

You choose reality.

Each one of us can live in an entirely different reality, based on how we navigate the world today.
There is no one truth, except for following your own.

You can do that in harmony with today’s information.

Source as many ideas as you can for yourself.

Pick through them, decide for yourself who is trustworthy and who is leading you astray.

Go to primary sources, never trust the Media’s portrayal, go directly.

Wild Wild Country was a hit show of the year. And yet my favorite Autobiography I’ve read in 2018 was Osho’s.
This is a prime example, the media plays up the juicy story while missing all of the true meaning and nectar.

Don’t take their word for it. This is the beauty of today!

Read Hayek, read Darwin, Read Winston Churchill.

“I’m going to look into this myself,” that’s your new superpower.

Sometimes you can even just email them if they’re still living!

There are people out there like you, you’re no longer alone and you can opt into any information network you choose.

Send out emails and join communities. Even though many will be a waste of time, people do want to help.

Information is power, but only if you use it.

Don’t get used by it.

xx David